Watch a darkroom specialist dodge, burn and make layers adjustments.

If you've ever wondered why Adobe chose the icons that it did to represent the dodge and burn tools, this video is a good primer. This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to altering images in a darkroom however, and I'll be sure to blog about why all the other icons in Photoshop are also shaped the way they are, or why masks are red, etc.
Although Photoshop has mostly replaced the traditional darkroom, its roots certainly lie there.

About the video:
Konrad Eek has been working in darkrooms for 40 years.
Watch a master technician work his craft, as he explains how old-school darkroom dodging, burning, layers adjustments, sharpening, selection tools, feathering and contrast adjustments were made before Photoshop came along.
While some of you may be familiar with these techniques, most photographers today haven't even seen an enlarger, much less a darkroom. Personally, I've done some darkroom work, but it was right around the time that film photography was making its transition to digital photography.

This was part of's celebration of 25 years of Photoshop in February this year. If you're a professional photographer and haven't seen an experienced hand work in the darkroom, this is a must-see!