Adobe fixes CC app's pop-up annoyance. Finally!

I've been using Adobe's CC-based subscription model for a little over a year now.
For the most part, I couldn't be happier with their Photography Plan, which for the very reasonable price of Rs. 499 (or $9.99 USD), offers Photoshop and Lightroom. Updates are quick, and if you happen to use two computers, your settings and workspaces sync. They even sync with their mobile products -admittedly I've never seriously used those, but the feature is nice to have.


However, one lingering annoyance that a lot of users had been forced to endure thus far was that it's Creative Cloud application would often pop up and steal focus from whatever application you happened to be using. Not very productive when you're drawing a path with the pen tool, or if you're editing in full-screen mode in Photoshop. Or, y'know, other equally important stuff. Like watching cat videos on Youtube.
Don't scoff at the cat videos. They provide health benefits. No, seriously.

Thankfully, with the latest update on 7th July, this has been fixed. As per Adobe's release notes (I italicized the text):

Version released on 7/7/2015

  • Creative Cloud desktop app no longer pops up in the middle of your workflow.
  • The Exchange plugin will now correctly install Adobe Add-ons.
  • Additional bug fixes have improved overall experience.

Thank you, Adobe. High time. Won't be gnashing my teeth and closing the CC app in frustration any longer!